Saturday, April 23, 2011

Banning Easter Unfair to Christians and Pagans Alike

The celebration of Easter is as verboten in some places as is Christmas, not only in the public square but in public schools as well. Recently, a school told children they could not have Easter eggs, but they could have "Spring Spheres." Even though eggs are not technically spherical. I guess that means the Easter Bunny is persona non grata and we better not see any Easter lillies on school grounds.

It is all part of the progressive policy of knocking Christian festivities down a peg in order to achieve fairness after so many years of Christian hegemony in our society. Now it is ok to proclaim Islam, paganism, wicca--and perhaps even wiki--from the roof tops, but not Christianity. (There is even some difference of opinion in progressive circles about whether and to what extent Judaism should remain safe from the politically correct.)

No one seems to be mindful of how the suppression of Easter is oppressive to pagans. After all, Easter is only belatedly a Chrsitian festival. It was originally a pagan one. I mean, read your New Testament: there is no mention of the Easter Bunny or Easter eggs there. These are pagan customs. Even the word "Easter" is a pagan name. It was a spring festival associated with a female deity who ushered in the growing season.

I am tempted to become a druid just so that I can protest society's oppression of pagan's as well as Christians in this culture war against Easter. Christians and pagans should seek common cause over our rights to our separate versions of Easter.

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